Wishlist: SHOES!

I just want to sing a really corny song about shoes and make it viral circa 2005.

1. Timberland Classic Boots - I can't stop staring at these boots, they are everywhere, but I need a pair. I have the darker version, which looks great with black or dark jeans. But these, with light jeans is my everything right now. ($180)

2. Pharrel for Adidas in Black - I love an all black shoe, I like that these resemble the common projects shoes, but don't come with a ridiculous price tag of $400, I tried to locate a pair in Toronto, but I think people are as eager to get them as I am. ($150)

3. Saint Laurent Derbies with Faux studs - It is clear that I am a Saint Laurent nut, I was recently in the new york store, wanting to find something nice, but I feel like they didn't have great stock. Who else thinks its about time to go back to Paris. I feel like a nice pair of shoes would be a great reason to go. ($935)

4. Nike Fingertrap Max Free in White/Gum -  On the market for new runners, all white is beautiful, plus I think they make me jump higher, yet to be tested. (I will let you know how that goes) ($145)

5. Van Slip-ons - I own 3 pairs of Converse but no Vans, this is rude and I feel horrible. Reality is, sometimes its nice to just throw on some super casual shoes and make it work. ($60)

6. Christian Louboutin Education Flat in Navy - I'm not wealthy enough to justify buying a pair of these, but I'm working on it, I can see my future looking very red soled. I also really like the navy, because they don't really look that special on the top, and as a guy, the bottom will get mostly scuffed so navy spices them up a little.. ($1275)

7. Nike Air Max in Summit White - I LOVE THESE SHOES. That is all. ($140)