Weekly Highlights #6

This skull door handle is cool, I love the vibe.

I'm inspired by this small space , I live in a 540 sq ft place and need to utilize my space this well.

I've been obsessed with this instagram user's taste in clothes, Jeans specifically  for awhile know, you need to check him out - princeinjeans

Want these Saint Laurent jeans, but don't want to pay that much, luckily I have a load of jeans that I'm going to DIY. Wish me luck.

This jacket in Camel would answer all my prayers, any recommendations? 

If you live in a place where the weather stays fall for longer than a month or so, I recommend picking up one of these jackets

Tis the season for Burberry Scarf's, I've yet to use mine, but I see it coming. I have a green one, I recommend sticking with a more classic colour or style, I love mine, but its hard to style with things. I recommend these two option 1 and option 2