10 Essentials for Men - Closet Basics

Take a look at your closet, do you have the basics covered?

1. Black J Brands - If you are going to cover the basics, you need a quality pair of black jeans. These would be your well fitted, pure black pair (no rips, no fading). I recommend getting the J Brand Tylers, because they will last you. Once you have a good pair, you are welcome to buy another pair of jeans and rip them to shreds, its on trend.  

2. Dark Blue Zanerobe Sureshots - Once you have yourself the black jeans, you want to move onto dark blue. Again, simple is better, once you've covered simple, be adventurous. I chose the Zanerobes in blue black. Because I am obsessed with Zanerobes, they are great jeans, not too expensive and well fitted. Also, its like wearing sweatpants, but nobody knows. 

3. Comfortable Nike Pants - The last pair of pants that I think deserve a spot in every closet, is  something comfortable. If you want to mix comfort and good taste, pick up the Nike Tech Fleece pants. Travel in them, run errands in them, do whatever you need to do, and do it while looking good.

4. Lululemon Shorts and Shirt - Every closet needs at least one good exercise outfit, I'm a lululemon man, I don't think any other brand does gym wear nearly as good. The shirt is extremely breathable, comfortable and odour resistant.  The shorts are a perfect length, and very comfortable. They also have no lining, because lining is the worst, and a spot to hold your shirt if you feel confident enough to take it off. 

5. Club Monaco Button Up - To go along with your nice black or dark blue pants, you need to get a grey or dark toned button up. I was drawn towards this one because its snowing outside, and this just looks very warm. But you can get a lighter material if you want. Club Monaco has a lot of quality button ups, make sure you try them on though!

6. J Crew Plain Black Tee - This is my forever and always tee. The fit of the J Crew Broken in Tee is absolutely perfect. They fit your shoulders well, and are not too tight, they come in a wide range of colours and usually are on sale. Start with Black and go from there. (Other options)

7. Comfortable Sweater - Comfort is crucial when it comes to a nice sweater, you could get a hoodie from American Apparel or a nice sweater from J crew but a Roots Pullover Hoodie is my idea of comfort. Nothing beats coming home after work and getting into something worth lounging in. 

8. Casual Converse - Finally we go into shoes, now you really have so many options, but for the everyday man, you want to start off with a nice pair of casual shoes, whether you get vans, runners, or converse, like I've said before. Start simple.

9. Timberland Boots - Being from a colder climate, I appreciate a big chunky pair of boots, I mean, otherwise I fall all over the place. If you are in a bit more tolerable weather, maybe go with something a bit more sleek. But lets not forget, boots are crucial, its a scary world out there. 

Nike Runners - And to round up the basics, pick up a pair of runners. I chose grey because I've had too many pairs of in your face ones, but if you feel like breaking all the rules, the gym is the place to do it. Grab a pair of orange, blue, or purple shoe and own it. I also like the grey, because you can wear them out running errands or on a sunday.