10 Essentials for Men Series: Bathroom

This mini series goes over the 10 things every guy needs in different parts of the home. Let's start with the Bathroom.

1. Jack Black Energizing Cleanser - This belongs in your bathroom because we all hate mornings. Work this body wash into your morning routine and the eucalyptus scent will make you as alert as your boss or teachers need you to be. Its generally a great product, and the large pump size is great, because pumps make life easier. 

2. Tom Ford Black Orchid - I have a rule with cologne, wear a little bit everyday. 2-3 sprays in all the right spots (watch a youtube video if you don't know what those spots are) and bust out your special scent when you want to leave a good impression. I chose Black Orchid because it is not an overpowering scent and not as recognizable as some of the more popular scents. Plus, who doesn't want to smell like a black orchid. Right? For 2 more options click here

3. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather - First off, this is my recommendation, but before you go and buy it, try all of the Tom Ford private blend scents and take your time. Now that you've picked which scent goes the best with your skin and all that, save your pennies and get the bigger bottle. I have two reasons for this, first is they discontinue them sometimes (happened to my Black Violet) and you don't want to lose your scent, second is because the bottle itself is beautiful and when you have emptied it, it is something you can add to your home to make it fancier.


4. Speed Stick Original - You may think I'm crazy for posting this, but lets be real for a moment, deodorant is overlooked by too many. Stick with an original or plain scent, no need to get fancy, you don't want it to fight your cologne. 

5. Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouth wash - It's not tough.  And if it is tough for you, get one of the singing toothbrushes, make it fun with One Direction or Justin Bieber.


6. Kevin Murphy Night Rider - This is for the guys with hair. If you are looking for a pliable and smoother hair product, use night rider. It has a matte finish and strong hold to get you that perfect pompadour. If you are looking to go all out, use a hair dryer to help build that volume. There are many youtubers who can teach you just how to look magazine ready. (blumaan and gentlemanscove are my personal favourites)

7. Kiehls Ultra Oil-Free Facial Cleanser - This cleanser beats all cleansers, because it makes you feel as if you've never had a speck of dirt on your face. It is the most satisfying cleanser EVER! Use this everyday, but after the gym is the best. Pair it with the next product, and your face will love you.

8. Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream - Once you have stripped down your face of all that bad stuff, putting this very light gel cream on your face makes you feel rejuvenated. At first, it might take a little to get used to the texture of this gel, but the texture is probably what makes it the best. It disappears in seconds and you don't feel like you even put it on. Kiehls absolutely runs the skincare game.


9. Origin Fask Masque - I Know, this might be outside your comfort zone, but from time to time, it is a really good idea to have a deep clean. Once a month or so, lather on a bit of this clay, sit back, go on instagram for a bit, and let your face soak in all the goodness. I promise you if you get this into a habit, your skin will thank you. With Origin they have a pretty good range of fairly priced masks, the one above is my personal favourite (and the grey just looks oh so masculine).

10. Babyliss Trimmer - Choosing the right trimmer will depend on your beard to face ratio. Over many years of growing facial hair, I have come to terms with the fact that scruff is my best look. And once I found that out, I bought the inexpensive babyliss trimmer, and it has been romance ever since. 

I'd love to hear what you consider essentials, tweet me or leave a comment !