Christmas Gift Guide - 1 - $150

Here is my Christmas Gift guide from 1 - 150 dollars

Topman Christmas Sweater - An ugly Christmas sweater is a key part of the holidays, why not make it not as ugly, and kind of adorable. Topman has a couple of good choice this year. ($56)

Zara Scarf - Nothing beats a nice comfy scarf for the wintertime. Any guy could use this Zara one. It's not a in your face colour and won't clash with any of their other winter outerwear. They have a black scarf if you wan't to play it safe. Plus, look at the price. ($40)

Aesop Gift Set - As a man who likes to take care of my skin, I would be very happy to get this Aesop face cleansing set for Christmas (they have one called the Gentlement set, but a lot of the fragrances are very strong.) This set comes with a cleanser, toner and cream. His skin will thank you, plus, the bottles look nice. ($135)

Stussy Beanie - Do I really have to say why? It's winter, your ears need warmth. This grey Stussy one is a bit nicer than the typical American Apparel ones, but if you want plain and a variety of colours, try American Apparel. ($28)

Nike Free 5.0's - A few of the items on my gift guides are fitness related, and as someone who has been at the gym for years now, the amount of new people at the gym in January is astounding. Help him with his New Years resolutions. ($100)

Mophie Power Reserve - When batteries become good, this will not be needed, but batteries are the worst, so some reserve power, is a great christmas gift. This one is 60% more charge. Also, this is better than getting the mophie case, because not everyone wants the big case on their phone. ($50)

Saint Laurent Cologne - My favourite Christmas gift has always been cologne, I also happen have a cologne obsession. I recommend this Saint Laurent cologne (ITS SMELLS SO GOOD), but you know the guy your buying for better than I do. Go sniff out some scents, its fun. If you want a few more recommendations check out this blog($98)

Nike Gym Bag - A guy will never be opposed to a new gym bag, either he's going to join a gym soon, or his current bag probably needs to be retired. Why not give him a fresh Nike bag. Why not give him this one. It's pretty.  ($60)

Adidas Originals Snapback - If you are buying for someone who wears hats, the easiest route is to get a snapback, because you don't need to measure his head. This one is super simple and I want it. ($28)

North Face etip Glove - The final step to keeping warm is a nice pair of gloves, nothing too bulky and obviously something that works with your smartphone, I mean, instagram doesn't wait until you are out of the cold. ($45)

More gift guides to come: $150 - 500, For Her and more...

Leave a comment below letting me know whats on your list this year!