Christmas Gift Guide $150 - 500

This is a gift guide for the $150 - 500 range.

UE Boom -  This is on my Christmas list, my old roommate had one and I loved it. Great quality, much bluetooth, very loud. This colour is offered at Best Buy, at a little bit of a higher price than the ones at Apple. The black one is nice. ($200 - $220)

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones - Great sound , and hide all the noise of the world. How can you not want these headphones. Skip over the cool looking beats, go straight for bose. I just wish  they would get rid of the need for batteries! ($329)

Nixon Corporal SS Watch -  I love this watch, for a few reasons. First is that mostly everyone has a gold watch, and the green face just adds a little something different. Secondly, I'd love to buy my family beautiful watches from cartier or rolex, but thats not in the cards right now, so the price point on this watch is perfect. I'll take 10! if you know the person doesn't have a gold watch, pick them up the solid gold version of this, for the same price. ($200) 

Rayban Clubmasters - 

Comme des Garcon Credit Card holder - Small wallets just make so much more sense, with every company creating an app, you don't need to carry around all your loyalty cards and such. I have this wallet (in the blue colour) and I love it, great quality for the price point. You could get one of the other colours but I chose brown because its a pretty standard wallet colour, and I'm guessing the guy you buy this for either has a black or brown wallet. I've seen these in many shops, and I'm sure if you have a local menswear store that sells trendy accessories, you will find this their. Check here for other small wallet options. ($180)

Timberland Boots - Its winter! We all need boots. How else will we get through the mountains of snow. I love these boots, they can be paired up with clothes to look quite trendy, and they also do a great job of keeping your feet warm and dry. I want them in this colour and the wheat colour. ($190)

Creed Cologne - If the person you are buying for is someone special, I recommend getting them a high end cologne. I wear one from the Tom Ford private blend collection as my special night cologne (its much stronger than this). But if you are looking for old school masculine, Creed is a great way to go, they have history and a very wide collection of scents. Try Silver Mountain Water, its my favourite of their line. ($350)

Nespresso Pixie + Aeroccino - This was all the craze last year, I know because I worked in a retail environment that sold MANY of these. This is the exact one that I have and I do use it quite a lot. Definitely get the bundle pack with the milk frother, it takes away the limitation of just making an espresso. If you want to get them a little thing on the side, Nespresso sells great cups and pod holders to go with the machine. ($299) - I bet you can find this on sale.

WII U + Super smash bros - I don't know 1 human who isn't a fan of Smash Bros. This is going to be one of the big items this holiday season, so get it quick. It's tons of fun and something that can be played by people of all ages. ($299+$64)

Lush WOW box - For the man who likes a little r and r. (aka me) This box offers the entire Holiday Range sold at Lush. Including 38 awesome items! ($299)