Weekly Highlights #9

This is a link to a stunning condo, a. It's in my city, b. It's exactly the kind of place I see myself living in down the road. Check it out and try not to fall in love.

As a son of an English man, I've always been a huge fan of bombers (I think because they like them over there), in all seriousness, the colour of the one above, and the straps are right up my alley. What do you think?

I'm very drawn to this watch with the green face. Its affordable and a step outside the box. This is one one my Christmas gift guides, coming soon.

As a fan of candles, this candle is on its own level of fancy. They even have ones shaped as important people.

I don't carry much cash on me, I kind of want to just to be able to carry this wallet

Check out this exclusive ADYN preview on ftape, for some reason I'm obsessed with Marble lately. I want my entire place to be marble! And now I even want to wear it.

Song of the week! I do love a good ballad

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