Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Some Christmas gift ideas for your lady friends.

Burberry Scarf - A great addition to any closet, be safe and stick with the light ivory colour. For the price, this is probably one of the most widely loved choices. If you know the person really well, or know they have this colour, feel free to look at their other options, just make sure you don't go too vibrant.   ($480)

Topshop Beanie -  I love the idea of a Christmas beanie, this one is both really pretty and really warm.  Great to pair with the gift below.  ($25)


Topshop Scarf - If you are not looking to spend a large amount of money, this scarf is great. It's simple, geometric, and probably going to go with their winter jackets. If you want to go with colour, think red and tartan. ($40)

Philip Lim Pashli Satchel - This is my favourite purse, and yes, I know that doesn't mean a lot. But for a luxury bag, its has a good mix of detail and simplicity, plus who doesn't love black and gold. ($730)

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt - This scent is great, Jo Malone scents are very simple, similar to a love of the higher end perfumes, but at a great price point. Even though this sounds a little more masculine, its a very feminine scent. Give it a sniff! ps. If you are looking for a really nice Private blend for women, Beige by Chanel is great, but comes with a 260 dollars price tag. ($130)

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black -   Now this scent is masculine for a perfume, but its so nice, I know a few people who wear it and LOVE it. Also that bottle looks amazing, and sometimes thats half the fun. ($90)

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache - This is decadence in a bath. Thats all I can say. If you know a bath lover, they will love this. ($45)

L'Occitane Hand Cream -  I've personally tried every hand cream, and this is absolutely the best on the market. I'm pretty sure this stuff alone counts as most of L'Occitanes business. ($28)

Saint Laurent Wallet -  LUXURIOUS. I love getting new wallets, and I know many people agree. You can either go with full size or credit card (like the one below) but Saint Laurent is the way to go. ($645)

Saint Laurent Credit Card Holder - Dear Santa, I want this, I don't care about gender boundaries. It's a beautiful credit card holder, and credit card holders are the new wallets. With all the apps of the world, you don't need more than a few cards. Quick, everyone buy one of these! ($250)

iPad Mini 3 - Every year new tech and we all run straight for it. Help those ladies who need to check their favourite blogs, or emails, or apps, or instagram, or so many other things, with a nice portable iPad in a nice gold colour. That sentence was too much.  ($400)