Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


Moleskine 2015 Planner - Starting off with an organized 2015 is a great idea, so we can all create our own empires in the following year. Moleskines happen to be the best version of those planners in my most honest opinion. ($17.50)

Christmas Socks - ... CHRISTMAS SOCKS! So cute, so appropriate, a must have. ($5)

Lush Gift Set - There are some incredible Lush gift sets this year, I think I like this one the most because of the packaging. My biggest recommendations, is stick with bath bombs and bars. They are easily the most loved and come with no risk (I mean, unless they don't have a tub) LOOK at that Santa! ($30)

Stussy Socks -  Socks are a great gift, and there is this weird time between Christmas seasons where you have to wear non holiday socks. Why not have some dollar signs, I mean, think big. ($10)

Veuve Clicqout  Get your friends/family prepared for New Years Eve, get them some beautiful champagne. Also, the smaller size is better because who likes sharing. ($40)

Staedler Markers - These markers are my everything, I think I have like 10 sets. They write so well, last forever, don't smudge and come in a beautiful array of pretty colours. An absolute must for any stocking.  ($19)

tech21 Phone Case - My old iPhones will tell you that they only use this case, its a personal favourite of mine, I think I have 5 or 6 of them laying around somewhere. Take a look at my instagram and you will see this make lots of appearances in the mirror. ($35)

Christmas Tea Infuser - Such a cool Christmas-y product, perfect for the tea lover. ($14)

Hero Magazine - A magazine of the persons interest is a great idea, this is my favourite magazine, and the quality makes it seems more like a coffee table book. ($15)

Magnetic Sand Timer -  This gift is good for 2 things, keeping track of time, and helping you spend an hour staring at metal sand falling in a cool way ($8)

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