10 Essential Series - Gym Bag

Let me give you a look into my ideal gym bag.

1. Nike Gym Bag -  A gym bag needs two things, a place for your clothes, and a place for your keys. Nothing is worse than a bottomless pit of a gym bag.  This one has a bonus spot for your shoes! Plus the black and white is simple and amazing. 

2. Lululemon Shorts - I choose lululemon shorts above any other because they are of the best quality and give you the option of having or not having a liner. Personally, I find the liner to be the most annoying thing. With a simple design and a zipper to hold your phone or key in your pocket, you must get these. 

3. Adidas Climacool Training pants  - Not just for athletics, these are the most comfortable and well fitted track pants on the market. I personally can't get out of them. They come in a huge variety of colours, but nothing beats black on black. They also cost the same as the lululemon shorts and are much better for certain workouts.

4. Topman Cut off - If you are looking for a shirt to wear at the gym, I always advise something without sleeves, because it gives you a better range of motion. Personally a tank top doesn't work for me so I say try out a muscle tee. You won't be disappointed, and you will look fantastic.

5. Lululemon Tank Top If you are going to get a tank top, I say get something that will work well in the gym. Stick with a Lululemon metal vent tank, and get a size larger than you normally would, for comfort reasons. Also, it reflects sweat and smell!

6. Nike Free Runners - I LOVE SNEAKERS. I'm going to do a post about my sneaker obsession soon. But the Free runs are the way to go. A well cushioned bottom and form fitting top is all you really need. Choose a funky colour, be different. (If you are looking for another idea, try the Adidas Ultra boost, they may be a bit more pricy, but they are VERY comfortable). 

7. Water Bottle -  A water bottle is the most important thing for the gym, firstly because you need to keep well hydrated when you are working out. Secondly, because when do water fountains actually work. Get a blender bottle, they are usually 10 dollars, come in colours so you can remember which is yours and if you drink protein the wire ball can help get the chunks gone.


8. Gloves - For the more serious lifter, gloves are important, because nobody wants to feel a ripped up hand covered in calluses. As long as you cover the palm you are good to go, plus these help a lot when you are doing deadlifts or bent rows. (Say no to chalk).

9. Skipping Rope - If you can fit it, throw a skipping rope in your bag, it will help when all the treadmills or bikes are taken, and a 10 minute skip will get your heart racing and blood flowing for the rest of the workout.  

10. Bose Headphones - Headphones and music are essential for a good workout in my opinion, they will help you focus and nobody can say a good song won't help you lift heavier. My deadlifting song is Drop the World by Lil Wayne ft. Eminem.

Check out my Spotify workout playlist here!