Wishlist: Winter

These are all the things that will help me get through the winter. 

  1. Asos Hoodie -  Nothing beats a hoodie in the middle of the winter. For $30 you can't not get this one. I would probably go up a size for comfort and layering. ($30)
  2. Philip Lim Pullover w/ Shirt tail - Ever since I saw these (shirt comes in numerous colours) a few months ago, I haven't stopped thinking about them, something about the pullover with a shirt tail seems perfect to me. Top off with a nice beanie and your outfit is amazing. ($350)
  3. Vintage Farah Sweater -  This is a great sweater, the baseball tee style, the colour, vintage. Get one before you regret it. ($47)
  4. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather -  Does anyone else have a winter scent and a summer scent. The musky scents set the tone straight through the winter. Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford is a great winter scent, give it a try, (wear it before you buy it) and try Oud Wood or Patchouli Absolu ($225)
  5. Stussy Jacket - The bomber is a classic, and maybe it won't get you through the Canadian winter, but a man can dream. Is it weird to dream about jackets? ($450)
  6. Diptyque Candle - If you aren't going to spray yourself with some cologne, then let your house smell absolutely amazing. Baies is my favourite scent, which isn't winter related at all just amazing. ($60- 90)
  7. Uniqlo Down Vest -  A great vest for layering, a fantastic price, offered in a variety of colours and extremely warm. ($50)
  8. American Apparel Toque - If you are wearing a black or dark jacket, a bright toque is perfect, if you aren't you are in luck, American Apparel offers this toque in a ton of different colours. Start with a black, grey or navy one, then pick some spontaneous, we all need a little colour in the winter.  ($20)
  9. North Face Tweed Jacket -  Warmth. End of story. ($280)
  10. Dr. Martens -  I am obsessed with Timberlands, but I need a classic pair of Dr. Martens to add to my collection, embrace my English heritage. ($165)

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