Top 3: Lush Products

We all need to be clean, lets do it in a funky manner.

  1. BB Seaweed - I've used this face mask time after time, and it's always left me feeling clean and refreshed. It is a good price, the only problem is that they go out of stock quite quickly, and only have a few weeks shelf (fridge) life. ($6.95)
  2. Ocean Salt - Bow down to the Ocean Salt, it is hands down the most amazing product from Lush. Please, give it a go and let me know what you think. It's an exfoliant, it has some alchohol in it, it smells amazing and feels like heaven. ($12.95-35.95)
  3. Veganese Conditioner - I've been using this product for awhile now, I've never been a big fan of conditioners, but this smells like lemon and goodness and leaves your hair feeling amazing. Just use a tiny bit! ($9.95-39.95)


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