Wishlist: Who said a man can't pamper himself.

Your skin is welcome. 

1. Origin GinZing Eye Cream - I like anything that will make me look more alert, and thats exactly what this product does. Another good option is the Kiehls eye alert. ($37.50)

2. Origin Face Mask - a. GinZing Refreshing Face Mask b. Clear Improvement c. No Puffery All good for their own reasons, but for face masks they are probably the best on the market, unless you are willing to dish out a large amount of money. ($29 each)

3. La Mer Lip Balm - I feel like everyone has a favourite lip balm/chap. What works for one man might not work for another. This though, this works for me, and is VERY pampering. ($55)

4. Aesop Primrose Mask and Facial Cream - Aesop is one of those brands that I feel understands me. Although, maybe not by their scents. The primrose range is incredibly and if you haven't given it a go, you must. ($49 each)

5. Kiehls Creme de Corps -  Warning, if you don't like thick moisturizers, stop reading and go follow my instagram (plug) ($58)

6. Jack Black Clean Cream Body Wash - Jack Black is a great brand but only a few items stick out to me, or I see as better than what I'm currently using. This body wash is one, its refreshing, light, in a pump bottle and a pretty decent price. No complaints. ($26)

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