Wish I didn't buy that, episode 1.

An honest man can admit where he went wrong.



  1. Cole Haan Lunargrands - Initially, I saw these shoes and was sold. I wore them 5 or 6 times, then they ended up being disregarded. Flash forward a year and I realize that they are really tough to wear with any outfit. The brown top isn't very standard, and the neon yellow/green is on a planet of its own. The only positive is that they were VERY comfortable. 
  2. Herschel Duffel bag - I call this bag, the bag of no return. I bought this to use as a gym bag, because it has the spot for the shoes. Little did I know it would eat up anything you put into it. A gym bag need spots for your keys and little thing, this bag just has one giant pocket with a piece of cardboard on the bottom that everything gets lost under. At least it was a nice colour. (mine was green)