Top 3: Hair Products

Taming the main is a full time job.


1. Kevin Murphy Night Rider hair styler -  I've tried many hair products in my day, spending years using the american crew products, but nothing has done quite what this does. This product lets me style my hair as desired and keep it the same way morning to night. The texture of the product is VERY thick but trust me, it works wonders. ($20-25)

2. Lush Veganese conditioner - Anyone with a full head of hair knows not to wash your hair too often (letting the oils help you style nicely). When I do though, I love using this conditioner, it has a great lemon scent and its 100% vegan. Who doesn't love a soft head of hair. ($12- 40)

3. Hanz de Fuko SchemeI like my hair looking like it has a lot of texture, after seeing a bunch of the hair experts on youtube amping up this item, whether it was endorsed or not, I had to give it a go. I mean, they were able to come out with hairstyles that I could only dream of. ($17.50)