Top 3: Smaller Wallets

It's what's in the pants that counts.

1. Louis Vuitton Pocket Organiser - This is the smaller (and blue) version of my everyday wallet, and I've had that wallet for probably 5 years and the wear and tear is minimal. I don't know if the blue is for everyone, but its a lot more subdued than it looks. I think if its going to be your summer wallet, maybe a playful colour or pattern is nice. Check out the website and take a look at the inside, its got tons of space for a smaller wallet. ($360)

2. Comme des Garcon Luxury (blue) - This is my summer wallet, and can I tell you, I love it. I will clarify, a summer wallet is meant to be smaller so it doesn't take much room or slip out of your shorts, the pockets on shorts tend to be a lot less safe when it comes to wallets. But back  to the wallet, its vibrant, the quality feels amazing and it has room for a credit card, your debit card, ID and a few rolled up bills just in case. If you can get this one, I highly recommend it. ($160)

3. Saint Laurent Toile Monogram Bifold- This wallet needs to be mine very soon, I LOVE it. I am the biggest Saint Laurent fan, and I love the YSL pattern all over it. I think its only fault is that it has a change pouch, and I am not a change person. Beautiful though, absolutely beautiful. They have a card case, but I couldn't resist showing this beauty off. ($385)