Masterchef Australia

This show deserves a post of its own. 

A few things you need to know, Australians do reality best, you will fall in love with everyone and everything on this show. Be warned the show is a part time job but worth every second.

I recommend using either or projectfreetv if you don't live in Australia. Warning, it airs 5 days a week. (it lasts for 3 months!)

Day 1 is Mystery box/ Invention test where the contestants have to first create a dish from what is provided under the mystery box, then the best of that round goes on to pick a core ingredient (or variation) to use in the invention test, which is usually a theme, like Spanish or Dessert.

Day 2 is an Elimination where the 3 worst cooks fight for their right in the competition, challenges vary.

Day 3 is an Immunity Challenge with the winner of Day 1 fighting against a train chef for the immunity pin.

Day 4 is a team challenge, which are always very stressful to watch,.

Day 5 sees the losing team fighting off to secure their place in the competition, directly after this is Masterclass where the judges and celebrity chefs train the cooks and you get to learn some tips and tricks.

I'm team Brent. But I've watched every season, so if anyone wants to chat about it, I'd love to. Just message me on twitter (button below) Also, anyone else excited about the Netflix revival of The Killing?!