Top 3: iPad cases

We've all dropped our tech too many times, safety first.

1. Tech21 Case - I use this case on my phone and LOVE it.  This one is the clip on type in case you like the easy access. It has technology that basically take all the impact and science prevails over broken iPads. ($50)

2. Filson Multipad Case - For the faux outdoorsy type, I recommend this camo case. Other than being on trend and pretty, it does have some space for you too add your own notes and goods. The only downfall I see in this, is they aren't that durable, so just don't drop your iPad while in this case (unless you use it with option 1). ($195)

3. CDG Luxury Case - This case is an all in one, and it looks phenomenal. If you are using your iPad for business reasons or want to be able to hold business cards or notes, this is the one for you. They offer them in a wide range of colours, but the brown looks so rich I can't resist. Maybe thats just my obsession with chocolate. For the price, it better look rich. ($400)


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