Wishlist: Homegoods

All the things I want for my new place!

1. Vitamix Blender - I'm no scientist, but I love a good smoothie. I know the vitamin is the top of the line blender, and from past experience I find blenders to just fail at blending so easily, I know this one won't have any product. ($469)

2. Bollero Coffee Drip - So this beauty makes coffee apparently, I will try that out, but I also just think it looks great! ($990 - not exact same one) 

3. Le Creuset - I love the le Creuset pots and bakeware. I prefer the Blue and Grey colours, but I've heard that they sometimes release other colours, white or green would also be cool. I think they look great as show but also function well for cooking. ($350-450)

4. Nest - Who doesn't want to come home to a comfy temperature, especially in a place like Canada where we get all 4 seasons for what they are. Also, its a good way to save a little bit of money. ($250)

5. Vertuoline Nespresso - I've been a fan of Nespresso for a few years now, I have the Pixie, and as much as I love it, sometimes I just want a nice brewed coffee, and the Vertuoline offers this while also making amazing espressos. Side note, I wouldn't recommend getting the frothed, I know you can get much nicer ones that don't break as easily for MUCH better prices elsewhere. ($299)

6. Kitchenaid Standmixer - This is a table piece, for me at least. I'm sure you all are great cooks and can use it for what it does, it has so many options. My favourite thing is that it comes in a wide range of colours to really fit in with your kitchen vibe. ($250)

7. Versace Dishware - Who doesn't love a little glamour. I'm not sure what I would use this for, maybe like a dish to put candles on or something. I think food looks best on white plates. But I man, come on, look at the glamour! I prefer the blue print over the red. ($265)

Which homegood do you want the most?
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