Wishlist: Saint Laurent

I love me some Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent.

  1. Chelsea Boot in Black Leather - Chelsea boots are a great staple, I'm thinking of picking up a pair for the fall. Ideally I would grab a pair of the Saint Laurent ones. They are classic and flawless. ($975)
  2. YSL Sleeveless Tee - I'm obsessed with cut off's this year, in fact I don't really care for sleeves at all. The playful YSL graphic is great and just a cool print to add to your wardrobe. ($290)
  3. Crystal Acetate Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses - I'm dying to try these on. I have a feeling the second I do I will be whipping out my wallet (hint: wallet post to come). I love the clear and mirrored combination. ($325)
  4. Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket - This is what I presume heaven looks like, I'm currently pooling my money in a Teddy jacket fund. Anyone want to donate? I can't get over the black and white, but they are all beautiful. ($1790 - 2390)
  5. High Top Sneakers - I love a sneaker, I also love a white sneaker. These are beautiful and would work in pretty much everyones closet, no matter what your style is. ($595)

I'm going to be posting throughout Milan London and Paris fashion weeks! Be ready and check back frequently!