Top 3: Club Monaco Summer

When in rome, wear patterns.


1. Plaid Linen Button-Up - I am a sucker for a plaid shirt that looks good on and wrapped around  the waist. I like the idea of a breathable linen material for the summer. I also think if you are wearing lots of whites navy and blacks that this shirt would look great. (on sales for  79.0)

2. Short Sleeve Jungle Shirt - Floral doesn't disappear, you can either hide from it, or embrace it. I like this shirts contrast, and I prefer the bigger print than smaller for shirts like this. (129.50)

3. Baxter Paisley Shorts- First off, these aren't for everyone, I love them but I can understand if you don't. I recommend with most of Club Monaco's clothes is too try them on. They tend to fit very differently than most stores (kind of like J. Crew). I just love this pattern and I can see them matching with some white or black converse and maybe a nice light grey tee. (89.50)

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