Top 3: Light Jackets

For those cool summer nights, closet staples.

1. Topman Bomber- An all black bomber will really go with everything you already own, this Topman one is a great price and fits really well. They offer it in grey as well, but that might be your second purchase. The jacket is definitely a good basic for your wardrobe. ($73)

2. Nike Windbreaker- If you feel like going a bit more wild, try getting a windbreaker in a very bright colour, I like this nike one because it has two tones of red. I would stick with  the same colour for these, just because they might be hard to throw on over your outfits if they have too many colours. This is also a great price. ($85)

3. All Saints Bomber- For the big spender, I would say get this jacket, if you are looking for a good bomber, this is it.. I love the little details around the arms and the material feels amazing. It doesn't have the shine that the Topman one does and its a little heavier. ($360)

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