Top 3: Topman Fall/Winter

Thinking warm thoughts.

1. Black Longer Length Sweater with Zips - How can you not love the longer length trend . Mixing it with one of the bombers and you are set. The zippers add a tiny detail. Simple sweater, amped up. (on sale right now - $30)

2. Patterned Bomber - I love this bomber, for a guy who mostly wears black, this is that trick to make it look like I'm trying new things, when really its just black and white. It's a great shape and price, I might just have to add this to my collection. (on sale right now - $48)

3. Burgundy Bomber - A simple bomber, in a nice colour. It's cool to throw in wine-ish red , and it is one of those colours that are quite easy to pull off. It's also a heavier jacket to help beat the cold. ($80)