Summer Lookbook #1

Don't be afraid of colour.

Top to Bottom 

Jacket -  Nothing is better than a cool summer night, in my opinion. I love having my light Burberry Jacket to throw on to cut the chill and also look quite smart. (link)

T-Shirt- This navy button up is quite simple, and also very affordable, currently on sale at urban outfitter for 39 (link)

Pants- I live in Zanerobes, I actually don't know if I can go back to wearing other jeans anymore, the ones I'm wearing in this picture are the black Sureshots rolled up at the bottom. I recommend you try them if you can, they are everything. (link)

Shoes- To finish off my bold colourful look, I put on my hightop white Converse. You can't go wrong with simple, that is my motto for how I dress myself every morning. (link)

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