Top 3: Shoe Trifecta

These 3 shoes will give you other worldly powers. (not really)

Converse Chuck Taylors - Casual - Two things you need to know about these shoes, assuming you don't already have a pair, because most do. 1. They are comfy. 2. They go with everything. 3. They are cheap. You really can't go wrong. ($55)

Saint Laurent Chelsea boot - Dressy - These are my personal favourite Chelsea boots, but you don't have to spend tons of money to get a nice pair, look around, but for the fall time, Chelsea boots are the BESTEST. ($975)

New Balance 620 - Comfy - Yes, I like black and white, if you haven't caught on to that yet, well I do. A LOT. So these New Balance are going to be my choice for comfy shoes, unless you live in the states and you customize and all black or all white pair Nike's. They are simple and comfortable, my two favourite words when it comes to fashion. ($85-110)