Wishlist: Ssense

Hands down the best online retailer for luxury menswear. 


1. Oliver Peoples Sir O'Malley Sunglasses - I feel like these sunglasses are your step into adulthood, move on from the wayfarers and pick up a pair of these Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Simple, nicely shaped and just a little bit more mature. Really good for the super immature and we all know a few of those guys. ($605)

2. Carven Boot - I'm a big fan of boots, but I don't really care for distressed looking boots. These are sleek and simple with the thin white detailing between the sole and leather. Subtle but beautiful. ($655)

3. 3.1 Philip Lim Detachable Bomber - This jacket is literally everything, I love the bomber style, and the detachable extra length is amazing. This is my taste for sure. This wish may become true, maybe I'll see what Santa thinks. ($800)

4. Band of Outsiders Flannel - Just a good quality flannel, great colour choices, and really if you can afford to get this, why not. Until then, uniqlo, uniqlo, uniqlo. ($360)

5. Givenchy Lanyard - I just bought a house, was thinking of getting this as a little thing for my new keys. A little over the top, but I never said I wasn't a bit much. (lets wait until my bank recovers...tear) ($265)