Weekly Highlights #1

New (tuesday) blog style, inspired by The Scout Sixteen

A weekly collection of obsessions listed (w/ links) every tuesday!

These rubber Converse are the perfect replacement for outrageous wellies, I'm all about the black ones. 

                        Photo via thefashionisto

                       Photo via thefashionisto

This Perry Ellis spread is so outside of my comfort zone, bright and bold. But I kind of love all the looks (ok maybe not the pink shirt)

I could stare at a good floorplan for hours, this beauty is of a 119m dollar penthouse in new york. I counted 9 bedrooms, not excessive at all.

If I wasn't making a cheeky purchase this month, these pants would be in my life RIGHT now! 

This Zara suit is without a flaw.

Loving this lookbook for Alexander Wang for H&M

In my own most personal opinion, this is the perfect home/loft. The only thing I would change is the curtains on the wardrobes.

Ps. Fashion week starts tomorrow, come back to see my daily highlights! All week long!