Fancy vs. Affordable: Black and White shoes.

Another new series, where I give my thoughts on the best expensive and affordable products in each category. First off, black and white shoes.


1. Givenchy Hi-top White Sneakers - Lets be honest for a minute, you could just get a pair of Nike's that look like this, but don't have the black on the front. Saying that, these are really beautiful shoes, and if you are willing to fork over the large amount of money, than I will not stop you. ($1115)

2. Public School - I think these shoes are a good take on black and white, I've never seen the style before. If you are planning to pick up the white or black Sandro or Common Projects shoes, I would recommend saving a bit more and getting these, they are a little more out of the box.  ($660)

3. Church's Chelsea boots -  Chelsea boots are amazing, but I constantly battle the thought of them being too dressy. I can imagine myself in an outfit that helps casual them up, but the second I lose that outfit, they will make me look twice my age. These ones though, they are the best black Chelsea boots on the market. ($485)


1. Timberland Boots - I love Timberland boots, I mean when they were really cool to have 10 year ago, they were styled with baggy jeans, and just looked a little clumsy, but the way people are styling them these days, it makes me want one in each colour. I'm thinking black, brown and tan. ($190)

2. Vans White Leather Skate Shoe - Just get these, it will make your life easier, they are comfy and a little more durable than the converse version. Also, they are VERY affordable. ($70)

3. Nike Free 5.0 - It's 2014, running shoes are not just for the gym, you can wear these at the gym, running errands, meeting friends, SO MANY THINGS. Sometimes comfort ranks higher than style, these shoes do a good job of hitting both. ($100)