Top 3: Unnecessary necessities

You don't need these, but get them anyway. 

1. Baies Diptyque Candle - A nice smelling candle, in a pretty black case, with a fancy scent that nobody knows how to pronounce, its a must. Luckily, this scent hits home with me, because it is one of my family members favourite scents. It's quite soapy, but, soap is cool.  ($90)

2. Givenchy Lanyard - Does anyone else panic about their keys, I feel like I'm going to lose them, pretty much all the time. Well, now you won't, because you have a cute lanyard that costs more than anyone needs to pay for a lanyard, but aren't we all a little indulgent sometimes. ($215)

3. Hermes Avalon Blanket - If you don't have a Hermes blanket, then you are normal, but if you do, totally into it. I like it, its fancy, its wool (not a wool fan) its Hermes! My cat would know its expensive and use it as her bed, she's classy. ($1445)

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