New York Fashion Week S/S15 Day 2

Highlights from Day 1 - Bespoken , Band of Outsiders, Perry Ellis, Richard Chai

Bespoken - I was waiting to be blown away by a collection, Bespoken fulfilled my wish. I absolutely love this collectoin, the tailoring and fit are on point, and black blue and grey are all I ever need. The first two looks are my personal favourite, and the grey suit stands out as well. #nosocks

Band of Outsiders - I'm not entirely sure what they were going for with most of the looks, these two I liked, but I think I was sold because the backdrop is matches my starbucks cup (thats kind of sad). If anything the second look has an edge, and I'm into the colour of the jacket. 

Perry Ellis -  I need the second look, right now. I love how flawless the suits look and are styled. Also the casual clothes tick off all the boxes for me. It's all about the fit for Perry Ellis. The top row are my favourite from the collection.

Richard Chai - I feel like, when I pick me outfits I imagine I look as good as these looks, then I realize I'm not even close. Richard Chai knows how to style a man. Also, I feel like Richard Chai would just be such a good person to know. Favourite looks are the first two.

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Source - hommemodel