New York Fashion Week S/S15 Day 3

Highlights from Day 3 - Todd Snyder. Tomas Maier, Parke and Ronen

Tomas Maier - This has been my favourite collection so far. Other than the shoe choice, I feel like I could put on any of these outfits and feel confident. I'm a huge fan of the solid coloured outfits. The first look, in mint is fantastic, closely followed by the second and fourth looks and those dipped polos.  

Todd Snyder - How can you not love all these outfits. Simple, clean, well fitted outfits in subdued tones. The second look in white is perfect in my books, and the fifth look with the indigo blue is pretty much my go to fall look already. Spot on Todd Snyder, spot on. 

Parke and Ronen - Other than the abs and muscles that are given to the runway by Parke and Ronen, I don't have much to say about swimwear. I feel like its just such minimal clothing to really make that different year to year. I like this outfit though, its cute. 

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Source - hommemodel , thefashionisto