London Mens Collection Day 2

Highlights include, Lou Dalton, Agi & Sam, Astrid Andersen, Maharishi, YMC

Lou Dalton - Who knew a dark plaid jumper would catch my eye, along with a few tailored jackets and some nice heavier looking pants, I'm sold.


 Agi & Sam - Not the most wearable fashion, but for a runway show, it gives me what I want, bold prints and quality.

Astrid Andersen - I really love the slouchy looks in this show, I'm not going to pay any attention to the hats though. But really, oversized can still look very expensive.

Maharishi - Ninja meets paintball, 10/10. I love this collection, the graphics and fits are without flaw. The map print on the last look is flawless.

YMC - I love  clothes that look like they belong in a different era, but could fit really well in a ours. I love all these outfits equally.

Hardy Armies - Jewel tones, texture, fit, quality. All a man needs. I love the jacket in the second look, and the entire third look.