London Mens Collection Day 4

Highlights include - Hunter Gatherer, Dunhill, Burberry Prorsum, Casely Hayford

Hunter Gatherer - I'm a big Hunter Gatherer fan, they know how to style an outfit, and are amazing with a pattern. First two outfits are the best.

Dunhill - When I think of Dunhill, I think of Sartorial, this show was all about that man smoking cigars drinking a nice glass of wine. Fancy, expensive and well fit.


Burberry Prorsum - Christopher Bailey is a genius. Although this show wasn't exactly my personal test. I appreciate the styling and craftmanship. Saying that, I love the looks below, especially the patterned bags. 

Casely Hayford - I have two thoughts on this show, 1. Flawless. 2. These items would not look as good on their own. But please, I will take them all, first the 5th look.