Milan Fashion Week F/W Day 3

Highlights include: Antonio Marras, Armani, MSGM, Diesel, Canali, Etro, Fendi

Antonio Marras - A designer with good taste. I like pretty much everything that walked down the runway. These stuck out to me, especially the 1st and 3rd.


Emporio Armani - Simple and trendy. Nothing gets me more than a well tailored show. The 6th and 10th looks are my personal favourites.

MSGM - This brand doesn't speak to me, but I like these two looks.

Diesel - Punk, layering, styled well. Diesel gets it.

Canali - Probably one of my favourite shows of Milan. The suits were impeccable and a little daring. Who said winter has to be all black. Keep on doing what you are doing Canali. Ps. The four suits that finished the show, spot on.


Etro - I feel like, you can see the money signs in these jackets. But I mean, it makes sense, they are some stunning jackets. 

Fendi - yes. please. That is all I have to say.