Paris Fashion Week F/W Day 4

Highlights Include: Dior, Kenzo, Songzio, Wooyoungmi, Hermes

Dior - Sartorial, and formal, and expensive, and classy, and tailored, and everything in between. Thank you Dior, you have done amazing. I just need to find a reason to buy an extremely formal suit.


Kenzo - I find Kenzo to be extremely hit or miss, and the outfits below were my definite hits. The bottom jackets for sure. 

Songzio - So many turtlenecks this season. 

Wooyoungmi - Give me that first jacket and I will be very happy. Great outfits all over though. 


Hermes - I might be a hardworking man, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford any of these items. They are dreamy to look at though! The tweed jacket and the navy suit are wonderful.