Weekly Highlights #14

I currently have 2 song obsessions, the feels of Jealous and the catchy tune of Budapest

If you are into floral, these are kind of awesome shoes. I love the blue flower!

Have you ever tried Byredo Colognes? You should, they are wonderful scents at a not so crazy price.

I have an obsession with jackets lately, so here is a few stunning ones. 1. Graphic optical illusion Neil Barrett    2. Really expensive leather Givenchy 3. Some Alexander Wang

I feel like everyone needs a Nixon watch, I mean for the price and variety. How can you not. I like the simplicity of

This has the be the strangest dining table I have ever seen. Awkward dinners made more awkward. 

Thoughts on the new snapchat update? I like the new adding system. All you do is open up your snapchat camera and hover over the ghost below. Added!