Wishlist: February 2015

Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. Please!

1. Zara Jacket with Kangaroo Pocket - First off, I love this jacket a lot. Secondly, I tried it on and it didn't work for me. I want you all to try it on, because it will make me happy.

2. Shorts with White Stripe -  I'm going on a cruise at the end of the month, so shorts are on my mind, I'm also in the gym a lot. These are cool, in my personal opinion. 

3. Saint Laurent Monogram Computer Case -  I've decided when I replace my current laptop, its going to need a cute case. This is the one that I would like.

4. All Saints Denim Jacket - All Saints is the best store to browse (leather and dark clothing heaven) , but I hardly buy anything from there. Maybe this jacket will change that! I've never owned a jean jacket before. 

5. Black and White Air Max - I've wanted these for awhile, I keep on second guessing them for some reason. I think its because I already own so many black and white shoes. Soon they will be in my possession!

6. Clubmaster Flash Lenses -  I love clubmasters, they are my go to sunglasses, and I already own the black ones and blue flash lenses. Why not add another pair, just in time for my vacay (which is actually for work).

7. Paul Smith Chelsea Boots - Dear people of the internet, I want a pair of chelsea boots, but I want them to be a bit more of a grey tone version of the ones above. If you have any recommendations, please share!