New York Fashion Week F/W15 Day 1

Highlights Include - Ernest Alexander, Bespoken, Ana Locking, Gents, DKNY

Ernest Alexander - I like the equestrian vibe. These were the two looks of the show that I could see people wearing on the streets of London or New York. The second jacket is stunning.

Bespoken - They definitely did a good job of showing all the current trends. I love the thicker material and I do love a good overcoat. I would feel really good buying most of these looks because they are simple enough that they will look timeless.  I'm a sucker for the camel overcoats.

Ana Locking - How can you not love a bright hat and a jumpsuit that is made up of a wood pattern. Thats all.

Gents - This is what I want to wear in my life, black activewear that just looks great. I will take it all please and thanks.


DKNY - I think the best part of this show was the styling, the clothes are rather simple and not something I haven't seen before. Its all in the styling choices. I like the first jacket and the third sweater.