New York Fashion Week F/W15 Group C

Highlights include - Tim Coppens, N Hoolywood, Skingraft, J. Crew

Tim Coppens - I'm pretty impressed with some of the clothing in this show, I like the details on all the jackets. They are simple yet have a little something to make them stand out from the crowd. I like the range of colours too, not so one note. Favourites would be Black jacket with the leather details on the top, the fur and leather bomber style, and the pale grey coat.

N. Hoolywood - Love the streetwear/urban look of this show. There are TONS of bombers this season and I'm not complaining. The orange and blue ones in this show are probably my favourites so far. I also love the fit of all the pants, I would pretty much wear all the clothing shown.


Skingraft - I love black clothing, its my favourite colour. These outfits are the perfect amount of different. 

J. Crew - Nothing too crazy since it is a j. crew show, but I like a few of the  clothes, the last outfit is my personal favourite.