Wish I didn't buy that, episode 3.

Another unfortunate hit to the wallet.

1. Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream - This hand cream may work wonders for your skin, but the smell is so intense that I had nightmare about it. If you are sensitive to smell, or know anyone who is, do yourself a favour and stay away from this one. (Stick with the L'Occitane version)

2. Saint Laurent Card Holder with Zip pouch - First off, Saint Laurent is my favourite luxury brand, so I was quite pleased with myself when I bought this wallet (Toronto has next nothing when it comes to Saint Laurent inventory). After using this wallet for a few months or so I couldn't take it anymore, the zip pouch is a nightmare. I like to have a little bit of cash on me at all times just for emergencies, but the pouch doesn't fit bills properly and it would constantly get stuck on them. I recommend sticking with a bifold or a proper card holder.

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