May Wishlist

Birthday wishlist!

1. Tim Coppens Sweater - This sweater is extremely nice. I would not drop that much money on a sweater. But I appreciate the details and if it somehow fell into my position, I would be very happy. ($495)

2. Hermes Credit Card Holder - When I was in NYC last time, I picked up a Goyard credit card holder and thought it was my end all of wallets. Then I saw this beautiful dark green Hermes one, and now I don't know what to do! Opinions please! ($335 USD)

3. Jo Malone Room Diffuser - This diffuser is my life. I've had one for a couple of months, and it makes my place smell amazing (English Pear and Freesia scented). I never want it to end, so I'm going to buy a back up. ($110)

4. Bandana - Last summer I was really into bandanas, this year, I'm still into them. This one is a bit different, hopefully I can get my hands on it. ($7.50)

5. Acne Sunglasses - Another brand that is so hard to get  in Toronto, I love these glasses, with the pilot style and the green lenses. Understated, yet bold. ($400 USD)

6. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes - The second I bought the white Stan Smith shoes I was in love, and now I want these, they are so easy to style and incredibly comfortable. I recommend them for everyone. ($105) 

7. Nike Free - An quite bold addition to my sneaker obsession, good for the gym, and imagine them with an all black outfit and some cuffed pants. 10/10. ($190)

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