Current Obsession: Athletic Wear

Three perfect pairings.

Summer is when the adidas track pants come out (I couldn't be happier about that) and these are my top 3 pairings. Make sure you try the pants on, I have had some inconsistencies.

Pairing 1 - Navy with white stripes pants paired with Adidas Stan Smiths.

If you are going to wear blue, I suggest minimizing the colours otherwise. Especially because they are a pretty vibrant navy.

Pairing 2 - Black with white stripes and Nike Flyknit Lunar

These are the most common pair of Adidas track pants you see. In my opinion its best to stick with white and black, but I think a solid colour could be kind of boring in this look. Plus flyknits are always a worthy purchase.

Pairing 3 - All Black pants with Coral Nike Flyknits

This is the time to be adventurous, when you aren't distracting anyone by your pants and saying, look at these amazing shoes. This pair is on my current wishlist and I should have them soon, I'm pumped.


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