Paris Fashion Week S/S16 Day 4

Highlights Include: Dior, Wooyoungmi, Balmain, Ami, Sacai, Songzio, Hermes 

Dior Homme - Dior has an effortless class about their clothing. Very sleek and trendy. Obviously my favourite is the navy bomber, but I also love the first suit and the third one. 

Wooyoungmi - Just two looks, I'm not sure if you can tel from the photos but I am loving the straps on both outfits. 

Balmain - Very Naboo (star wars reference) meets runway. If I could afford to buy Balmain sweat pants, I would run towards the pants in the 3rd look. Also that 4th look though. 

Ami - I pretty much like every look shown below. A lot. Everything just looks like it would fit wonderfully into my closet, maybe it needs to happen. 

Sacai - I really like plaid, no matter what season. 

Songzio - Nice use of graphics, I always love solid pattern outfits. Also the black outfit is beautiful. 

Hermes - Lots of good items in this show, my highlight was for sure the jacket in the last look. Second was the jacket in the 4th look.