Weekly Highlights #12

Here are my highlights of the week! 

There is on person out there that is absolutely killing the creative fashion world. Check out Jacob Keller, on instagram (favourite picture) and his youtube is fantastic. (video below)

These Hender Scheme shoes are fascinating, they are beautiful, and REALLY expensive, and the colour darkens (patina) in the sun. 

I don't know if I am much of an adventurer, but I want the new tiny GoPro. Maybe it will bring out my inner wild side.

I have an addiction to floor plans, and this building that I LOVE in Toronto has some beautiful ones, like this perfect 1 bedroom + den and this penthouse

Cocolapine Design, because I love the aesthetic, I love white/simple coloured homes. (I just became a homeowner and I have some great ideas for my place!)

Snapchat is an obsession of mine, and I'm traveling a bunch next month! - feel free to add me! If you don't know how just take a snap of the ghost QR code to the right (ootd's and gym selfies) -->