Milan Fashion Week F/W 2016 - Day 2

Highlights Include - Calvin Klein, No. 21, Bottega Veneta, Vivienne Westwood, Damir Doma, Boglioli, Salvatore Ferragamo

Calvin Klein - Personally I think Calvin Klein kills the runway, but then you go to the store and just end up leaving with underwear. Am I alone on that? Also, gold... interesting!

No. 21 - Love the jackets! Obviously. I also love anything monochromatic! The 3rd look is perfect.

Bottega Veneta - I really like the flannel jacket. 

Vivienne Westwood - Two solid looks from the Vivienne Westwood show. They are for two very different people, but both amazing in detail and fit.

Damir Doma - I find the length of these jackets to be interesting, not something I could see in the streets of Toronto, but maybe New York or London.

Boglioli - All the fabric choices look so luxurious! 

Salvatore Ferragamo - I have a feeling these jackets would be worth more than my home. Beautiful though.