Paris Fashion Week F/W 2016 - Day 2

Highlights include - Kolor, Julien David, Dries Van Noten, Boris Bidjan Saberi

Kolor - Love the colour scheme in these two looks. I will take it all please.

Julien David - Hair aside, love the details, the stitching, fit, rolled pants, colours, SO into these looks. Hair aside of course.

Dries Van Noten - I like when a show has a huge range of looks, I like each look though. Between the styling and embroidery, they are all great looks. My favourite look is the second last one for sure. 

Boris Bidjan Saberi - Obsessed with these looks, again, pretend like the face thing isn't there, its beautiful. Yes to the jackets, yes to the layering, yes to the colours (or lack of) and yes to the length of the looks.

Gosha Rubchinskiy - Not much to say about these looks, just really cool. They would look spectacular on the right people.