London Collections Men Day 1 & 2

Highlights include - Nasir Mazhar, Craig Green, YMC, Agi & Sam, Tiger of Sweden, Coach, E. Tautz

 Nasir Mazhar - I actually love this kind of clothing, monochromatic, heavy, fitted well but in an oversized way. Although there were a few questioning looks, including this one (click here) I love all four outfits shown. 

Craig Green - I like the earthy colours and rich fabrics used in this collections. 

YMC - I can see these looks translating well to everyday wear. Loving the wide leg pants all over the runways this season. 

Agi & Sam - Every show by Agi & Sam impresses me, mostly because I think it is the exact clothing I would wear. All the jackets are spectacular. 

Tiger of Sweden - LOVE! every single on of these looks, LOVE!

Coach - A few great looks by coach, they don't always hit the spot, but when they do, they do it well. I love the fourth look the most. 

E. Tautz - Gotta love a nice trench coat.