My Christmas 2016 Wishlist

These are some of the things that I am asking Santa for this year. For more lists,  check the Christmas Gift Guide 2016 tab!

TBH, I struggled this year, my list didn't come very easy.


Shoes - I have an obsession with shoes, and this year it seems like all I'm asking for is shoes. I basically asked for variations of my favourite shoes. My ever day shoe is the Adidas Ultra Boost, and they are hands down the most comfortable shoes on the market. My next favourite shoe is anything by Common Projects ( a reoccurring theme on the blog ) I love both these colours, the tan inspired by this photo. Then for the fun of it, I threw in some Gucci shoes, because this year is the year of Gucci.

Links: Gucci , Common Projects, Common Projects Blush

Bath and body - One thing I'd love to try, one of my favourite things, and one thing I can't stop thinking about. La Mer Moisturizing cream to make my look young again, Lush Bath Bombs x 100 and the amazing Santal 33 scent by Le Labo.

Links: La mer, Lush, Le Labo

Random - I love the colours on the Tom Dixon vase, it is so much more beautiful in person , but I just wouldn't spend the 400 -ish on myself and Santa makes sense. Next, I just recently started to drink Soda water, and I would love a Soda Stream.

Tacky Cute - I have no clue why, but I love both of these things from the Saint Laurent Spring line, I think its because for the most part, I wear understated clothing, so not have a shiny t-rex key chain, or a sequin shark portfolio bag.

Links: Keychain, Portfolio

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