$100 - $500

So many great options in this price range!

My go to outfit - These two pieces together, are pretty much what I wear on a casual day. Rag and Bone jeans, fit 1 are my absolute favourite jeans available. They are skinny with a bit of stretch and are washed very well. Along with the jeans is my fave hoodie, the John Elliott pullover. I recommend both the Kake and Villian pullovers. Price Range ( $278 - 303 )

Links: John Elliott Pullover , Rag and Bone Jeans

Clothing - From left to right, the first two are All Saints shirts. I am obsessed with these right now, as are most. They fit extremely well, and are made of a comfortable slouchy material that looks  great on every body type. I want the first one, which is black with small off white palm trees, and the second which is black with small off white feathers.  Next is an Uniqlo down jacket. The jacket is super warm, and goes great under a peacoat or overcoat. Then the super trendy flight jacket, which everyone loves. I would stick with either black, navy or dark grey, unless you know someone who loves something more out there. The alpha industries website has many available colours. Price Range ( $100 - $200 )

Links: All Saints Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Uniqlo (in store), Alpha Industries Bomber

Acne Scarf - I love the Canada scarves, they are simple, made of quality material and come in an array of colours. I love the colour choices that Acne has available (when in doubt, stick with grey). The ones above are on the lower side of the price range. Price Range ( $240 - $460 )

Link: Acne Scarf

Shoes - You cannot go wrong with these shoes. The Stan Smith Adidas shoes are a shoe closet staple, I like the ones with the black accent on the back, or all white, which stray from the typical bright green. If you want a safe bet, these shoes are basically a guarantee. I'm a big fan of the Nike shoes, I love the sock style fit when I'm training, and these look sleek. The Comme Des Garcon shoes are beautiful, they are simple, trendy, and very comfortable. Price Range ( $110 - $180 )

Links: Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Train Force Flynknit, Comme Des Garcons x Converse

Jo Malone - I highly recommend Jo Malone for anyone in your family or friend group. I love the English Pear and Freesia. The seasonal Orange Bitters scent is also amazing. Anything Jo Malone sells is really quite amazing. Price Range ( $60 - $130 )

Links: Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia line.

Cardholder - Everyone loves a good cardholder, I mean, who even needs more than 4 cards. I love my Goyard one, but they are only available in select cities. Saint Laurent is my favourite luxury brand, so I recommend both the plain black one, or the patched one, for someone who likes something a bit more vibrant. If you want something a little less expensive, the Comme Des Garcons ones are great, although they only have 2 slots for cards. Price Range ( $175 - $406 )

Links: Saint Laurent , Comme Des Garcons Wallet, Saint Laurent patch

Round Sunglasses - These have been all the craze this year, I'm still waiting for my face to start suiting round sunglasses. Also, Gentle Monster has been absolutely killing it this year. (side note, I don't understand why brands make sunglasses gender specific). Price Range - (  $190 - $375 )

Links: Gentle Monsters 1, Ray- ban(not available online but sold everywhere), Gentle Monster 2


Tech - I have featured all of these items before, but they are really worth all the money. The Bose headphones are USB charged now, no pesky batteries, the Nest is great for any home owner, and lastly I love my Urban Ears Boom, the sound quality is fantastic, and I don't have to baby it. Price Range: ( $249 - $449 )

Links: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, Nest Thermostat, UE Boom.

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