London Collections Men S/S17

Decided to put all the shows into 1 post, highlighting my favourite looks over the entire weekend. Hope you are all well! (Look out for my top 3 looks!)

Topman Design - These looks mimic what is in style right now, the pastel colours and the heavy printed outfits. Each one of these looks is amazing, personally I would love to get my hands on the shirts in the 3rd and 4th looks. 

Agi & Sam - This was my favourite show of the weekend, I love the colours and  patterns (although I have seen that window pane print quite often). The layering is what makes this show though, the 5th look is my #2 look of the season.  

Nasir Mazhar - Love the shorts and the track suit. 

Astrid Andersen - Second favourite show, I have a thing for layering. I like the mix of the vibrant print with the darker colours.

Oliver Spencer - This show reminds me of living in London, everyone in London must have a fantastic tailor. The second look is my #3 look of the season. 

Christopher Shannon - A round of applause for these jumpsuits, they both tie for my #1 spot of London Collection mens. They are incredible and I would love one in my life, ignore the hats though.

Margaret Howell - Yes, window pane has been done, but I'm not over it.

Matthew Miller - These 4 outfits would be my #4- #7 favourite looks, my favourite colours, the 3rd look is amazing and the jacket in the 4th is beautiful.

Tiger of Sweden - Kudos to Tiger of Sweden for picking flawless material's and keeping that urban feel that I love. Another round of applause for look 1 and 2.

KTZ - My eyes are a little shocked, but in the best way possible, give me more prints please.